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“Meow, Meow! Enjoy the Summery International Cat Day”

Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

Don’t forget to give a treat and a hug to your kitty!


Are you having fun? Summer is here to enjoy!

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

“Temperature was blasting mid 80’s in the last couple of days. Today, it was hotter  … “the real Summer weather is on”

The weekend will be hot as well but it will be great to enjoy before the Fall Season will start crippling in. That will not be too far away folks. So enjoy the weather while it will last.

Have you been experimenting with your cocktails or mixing your favorite ones? We’re visiting our friend and yeah! the cocktails that J made was phenomenal. Sharing you the recipe with permission.

Cocktail WSM Quencher

How many BBQs have you done so far?


@2016 EarlyFunSummer

Summer is always fun to enjoy like the lovely “MultiSunnies” in our garden.

Tobita MultiSunnies16_640

JumpStart Your Summer 2015, It Has Arrived in America!

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

The first day of Summer 2015 started yesterday! We were in Portland, Oregon and the temperature hit eighty two degrees Fahrenheit. It was great experiencing the sun outside, however it was indeed hot! hot! and hot!

The weather forecast of the upcoming weekend will be anticipated to be another hot hot hot! So, get ready with Summer Escapades!

Do you have plenty of planned activities for Summer? Start planning if you are still procrastinating.

There are plenty of things that can be done and start from your own backyard and then travel to across town, state-lines or even go to another country. However, when you travel to another country, be mindful of checking the current season at target destination; some of them are enjoying their Winter season like Australia for example. 

Our Summer Escapades in ReloNavigator have started. This coming weekend we will be another picnic.

How about you? Share us your escapades! We will feature you in our Newsletter. Feel free to share us your photos, like the one below! Enjoy and have fun …. 


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Here You Go, “Jay’s WSM Quencher” – the Summer Cocktail

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS

When I meet my business colleagues and friends, who knew that I love and make my own cocktails. They asked me about the latest or they tell friends that I make cocktails, particularly on Friday evenings.  Yes, I love my cocktails to unwind and relax.

In the past couple of weeks, Summer started to be enduring with heat. My inquisitive mind began examining what summer fruits that can be used for excellent cocktails. Was at my local farmer’s market in James Street, saw a reasonably priced big watermelon at $3.00, and yes it is red!

I always experiment in terms of mixes of various liqueurs and spirits to achieve a decadent flavor and oomph! It’s not a great cocktail without a kick!  The result came out excellent after i have it tested by my cocktail friends. It is now a 2014 Summer Favorite!

Here you go  my friends, and cheers to: , @PattiRowlson, @Jakeswg, @soundslikepuget, @blghamexplorer@Bellinghomes and all. Enjoy! Let me know what you think.

Cocktail WSM Quencher

Summer is Fun-filled with Vibrant Living the Lifestyle to Enjoy

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

This Summer, we are featuring our new friend, Debbie Miller who is an advocate of healthy living. She is a Registered Nurse, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer in fitness and nutrition and an Exercise Referral Professional specializing in Obesity and Diabetes.  Thank you Debbie for your unselfish support. Debbie enjoys vibrant living,  blessed with the beauty and amenities of Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland.

To read more about Debbie’s advocacy and how she can be of help to a healthier journey in your lifestyle, please click on the link to her website below.  More Power to Debbie.

Credits: debbiemillerhealthcoaching.com/

Credits: debbiemillerhealthcoaching.com/



Summer Escapades are Around Us, Enjoy!

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Summer Escapades