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Just Wondering What Others’ Experiences When They Moved With Their Kitty-cat? “Mandy and I on the Move”

Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

I come across of the post about Mandy and I on the Move, so I thought I will ask some questions from others who may have experienced relocating with their lovely cat/s.

We’ve moved to a new location. Moving in day was a bit stressful for Mandy since I was everywhere so she found a place to sleep and escape the commotion on the upper closet shelf in the bedroom. The full moon lit the night so brightly and the rainbow aura around the moon was irresistible. […]

via Mandy and I on the Move — Magical Elements Photography


International Spring Time Activities: Tips in Moving & Relocating

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Money Saving Suggestions:

During packing time, think outside the box – some DIY (Do It Yourself). There are certain things you can use around your home for packing and you don’t need to buy new ones. You can save money that way.  For example; you can use shredded papers as a cushion of big or breakable items. Packers and movers discouraged you to do this yourselves as they cannot make money of the packing supplies. However, the decision is yours.

Packing & Recycling


Per IRS (Internal Revenue Service)  Test whether you can claim deductions from your relocation expenses to new location, there are three items to think about; (1) distance test, (2) start date at work (3)  employment status at new location

relocation expenses and tax implications

Within the United States, in order to gain deductions of relocation expenses, the new location of one’s home must be at least 50 miles farther from old home location. Relocating at international country will not be an issue, unless your original home is within 50 miles or less across the border of the neighboring country. When you are not certain with the actual regulation between cross border relocation, please consult an experienced international mobility specialist.

After your relocation date, you get confused regarding items that can be taxable or non-taxable prior to filing your tax, ReloNavigator can be your resource. Our Specialist can assist you in determining your options. Our International Expatriate Tax Specialist will be guiding you.

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