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Question 4: I Speak Two Languages, Am I Cross Culture Competent?

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Q4 Speak 2 Lang_XCulture Competent

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BBC Panorama investigation finds English visa tests were FAKED – with answers read out for students – Mirror Online

Beware of this appalling activity.

It is great to see that BBC One Panorama will broadcast this for the benefit of others who will become the future victim of the same agency or similar agency who are trying to dupe candidates with a fast buck. When you view the other angle of perspectives of those candidates for a visa, were they notified? or were not notified of the actual events that will take place when taking the test?  It is indeed a fraudulent activity by those involved.

Will be looking forward to view the BBC’s program and see how this is presented to the viewers. It will be very interesting to watch.

The BBC One Panorama website says; “Reporter Richard Watson unmasks the criminal immigration agents who – in return for cash – secure places at private colleges by arranging forged and fraudulent documents, including bank statements that are good enough to fool immigration officers.”

According to the Mirror News; UK Home Secretary Theresa May MP described the footages as “incredible”, “very shocking” and a matter of “grave concern”. “I know there’s abuse in the system but I mean well done for actually uncovering the further abuse that is taking place. I mean, what you’ve shown here is people being able to effectively go into a situation where that is being faked for them and that’s a matter of grave concern.” she said.

It is a shame to see any new regulation that will be passed as an effect of this fraud. As always, government is reactive based on events that took place and not strategic to protect the country’s program. And those great and honest organizations that provide similar services to those who like to learn effective English competency will experience scrutiny as a consequence of one bad organization.

Out of curiosity, we checked whether this organization offers students to study in the United States.  There exist  that the organization based in UK has a webpage about USA. It would be interesting to hear how the experience of others.

Reference Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/,  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bbc-panorama-investigation-finds-english-3130112 and http://ellenjoannecampbell.wordpress.com/ 

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TOEIC test cheating

BBC Panorama investigation finds English visa tests were FAKED – with answers read out for students – Mirror Online.

The BBC sent an undercover writer to take the TOEIC test at a college in the UK, and saw that native English speakers replaced all of the test-takers to do the actual test on the computer.  A few days later, for the multiple-test part of the test, someone read out all of the correct answers to the test-takers, and they finished the 2-hour test in 7 minutes.  All of the test-takers had their photos taken, to “prove” that they took the test.

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Ten Strategies That Will Make You Become Cross-Culturally Competent Communicator in the 21st Century

Globally, a big gap of skilled communicator cross-culturally with business acumen competency has grown bigger and bigger. For anyone who would like to be working globally in the future, must learn the basics that these Ten Strategies offer. Start building your competency from the point of your current proficiency and increase it to maximum level of competence.


 This is the overview of what you can become and you will experience life without limitations!


First Step: Learn from the basics, and then bring yourself to speed up to maximum level. Like the illustrated ladder of learning for someone who likes to become Communicative Competent.
Learn English JPG
Second Step: Distinguish yourself with the learning of proper and correct vocabulary. Use them efficiently at any location, event, or when you are sharing information with someone regardless of his/her background.
vocabulary development JPG

Third Step: Take time to practice with other people. There are many venues of learning and practicing.  The following is an example of the venue for practice. Some are free and some are paid. You get the value of what you pay for and the experience when it is given free.

Fourth Step: Understand the implications and sociological meanings of words, phrases, idiomatic expressions, slangs or the so called ‘lingua-franca’ By knowing…

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