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Snow Is Always Magical

The treat of snow carpet at our front yard greeted us when we opened our window today for the Boxing Day. A great view of white cotton-like carpet across the lawn.

via Fab Snow-Carpet During Boxing Day At Our Front Yard —


Squids Increased Dramatically in UK’s North Sea – An Impact of #ClimateChange

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

“Climate Change is affecting fish habitation as well. Scientists in the United Kingdom observed that fish like squids that are usually found in the warmer waters have dramatically increased their presence in the north seas of UK. In the contrary, the fish that enjoy the colder water like cods are moving out. These reversed situations are impacts of #ClimateChange.”

Environment Editor Damian Carrington wrote; “Squid and anchovies are moving into warming waters in large numbers, a report finds, with the long-lost bluefin tuna also returning”. (source credit: theguardian)

Become An Environmentalist “Observe Earth Hour for Just Once a Day”

Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

Did you know, that by participating in the ‘#EarthHour Campaign’ during any time of the day will reinforce its main intent and long range goals?

“It will help in many ways by impacting #climatechange; lessening the use of energy that is generated by oil and reducing the harms to our #MotherEarth and the #environment as a whole.”

Full of Hope & Promise of Spring 2017 “#Dutch Crocuses Arrived”

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

“Spring is around the corner when the ‘Dutch Crocus’ manifest their presence around the garden. Please enjoy the Spring Season. Get your hands dirty in the garden, it will always be fun.”

“Sunsets make you forget uncertainties and realities”

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Are There Options? Balancing the ‘Ecosystem of the Planet Earth’

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist and Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

In the Twenty-first Century, it is quite unbelievable seeing so called ‘new studies’ that come and go as fast as the social media churns out fact-based and or fictionally-biased information. Often, you will see newly labelled studies or new phenomena, suggesting new remedial options. These suggested new concepts and options are actually been told many times two or three decades ago. But perhaps some writers were not born yet during those periods.

In fact, reforestation an agro-forestry technique in preserving the natural wilderness of the planet earth have been practiced by many responsible individuals, groups and organizations who care about preserving the quality of our environment and balancing ecosystem. In many countries around the world, deforestation became prevalent due to lumber and logging practices and these have created imbalances of our ecosystems. Floods and erosion came and destructed communities as results of these man-made activities. Often, you hear focused-interest-groups, scientists and or elected individuals that do not acknowledge the links of both facts.

Today, from season to season we are seeing real-life results of mankind’s irresponsible abuse of the planet earth. The effects of ‘global warming’ like the fast changing climactic realities such as abnormal heatwaves or colder temperatures, coastal flooding that destroyed neighborhoods, droughts that caused firestorms including landslides and earthquakes (note: all link sources are acknowledged).

This is a new development. “The researchers found that only about 23 percent of the land across the globe can be labeled “wilderness” today — nearly a 10 percent drop from two decades ago. And those areas are concentrated mainly in North America, North Asia, North Africa, and Australia.” (source credit: theverge.com)

What this means?

The article confirmed that we are losing fast the wilderness that is a sanctuary of ecological balance. Mankind are not protecting trees and wild life in the forest. It pointed the continental locations of the affected areas. Ironically, those same places were experiencing frequent ‘global warming phenomena’ in the last five years.

Can we do something about it? How?

Yes, we can do some strategic contribution. Every individual can plant a tree anywhere possible every time convenient. This action will somehow help in augmenting the lost force of wilderness in the last two decades. Stop cutting trees around your neighborhood. Discuss about the advantages of preserving trees around people and within the environment. Trimming their crowns is OK because you are not cutting them down. When a big tree is being cut down due to its age and risks, do replace it with a young one that will grow and provide the lost substance from the old tree. So let’s start planting trees around us. ‘Till next time.

A Personal Initiative On #ClimateChange “Everyone Can Participate”; Align with Global Initiatives

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, ▪Competency ▪ Experience ▪ Results

Why is #climatechange has already began dominating the airwaves? The topic is very relevant to current climate changes and phenomena around the world. The world leaders of 150 plus countries will converge in Paris at the end of this month to exchange deliberation about an international strategy that will ‘slow down’ the effect of #climatechange globally.

“It is not only our Leaders who can decide about what we do in slowing down the impact of ‘climatechange’. As citizens of the world, we too have responsibility in slowing it down.

   As we actively observed the every consequence of the changing climate around us; you and I can identify areas within our vicinity where we can make a difference in this international initiative. Your own personal participation can preserve Mother Earth from further deterioration”

“Man is the worst enemy of man. We can say it with terrorists. But we can say the same when it comes to climate. Human beings are destroying nature, damaging the environment and it is therefore for human beings to face up to their responsibilities for the future generations.

It’s a duty for mankind to be bold in the days to come to reach an agreement, a binding agreement, a universal agreement. One that is ambitious,” – said François Hollande, President of France at Commonwealth summit

With the Paris’ Climate Change Summit – the 21st Conference of Parties (COP 21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), it will bolster a significant stride about an international awareness pertaining to realistic condition of the Mother Earth and to reduce global greenhouse emissions.

Hopefully, everyone who will be actively listening will learn something from it. And will take a personal initiative in helping the ‘slowing down’ of the #climatechange. Let’s begin this in our own household and backyard. A small piece of participation will create greater impact to humanity because of our combined active role.

“We do not have the right to test the planet’s tolerance. We do, however, have the responsibility to act now and build truly resilient future and I am sure the Commonwealth and those here will play a critical part in this endeavour.” – said Prince Charles of Wales at Commonwealth Summit

“People want to do more. But they want to know that what they are doing fits into a bigger picture. Yes, every single one of us can, and should be, much more conscious of the ways we can act to reduce our carbon footprint, to have a greater impact on protecting the environment going forward.” – said Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada at COP21

In the last few years, we have seen before our very eyes that many places internationally were affected by unusual floods (United Kingdom, USA, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Chile, etc), the most recent experiences of wildfires and droughts in California, Oregon and Washington.

When you have traveled internationally, there are many places with very pleasant climates. However, it the recent five years dramatic changes of high and scorching heat were unbearable. Within our own backyard alone, temperatures are dramatically changing on a particular season from extreme cold to extreme heat.

Yet, there are many people in the US Congress that are employed by taxpayers, who are enjoying the conveniences of air-conditioned offices; they believed #climatechange is not something that they will focus some attention with. The taxpayers who are paying their salaries are the ones who get the first hand experiences of weather changes but their representative couldn’t care less of finding alternative solutions that will help ease equal convenience of citizenry.

“The greatest obstacles we face in the fight against #climatechange aren’t technological or economic – they are political” – said President Barack Obama

While the intent of the Obama Administration is to protect the environment for the citizens of the United States and other nationals, as individuals we have responsibility to create techniques that will help in ‘slowing down’ climate change initiative.  Our contribution can create an impact towards a bigger scale.

Catholic Church Cardinal Peter Turkson says “people should be “encouraged” to exercise their “ecological citizenship” (source: BBC.com)

On a bigger picture, which ones are the bigger culprit that created the worsening #climatechange in our environment? The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the United States is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation. It is the big corporations that are using #fossilfuels and that are profiting from their use. Consumers enjoy the product they produce however. Yet the government give tax advantage to corporations that are creating the destruction of Mother Earth. (sourcecredit: EPA)

Backgrounder of Climate Change:

Climate change is caused by humankind’s increased emissions of greenhouse gases as well as other factors that are polluting our environment, the Mother Earth. Today,atmospheric CO2 levels are higher than ever before in human history.

Greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (C4H) and nitrous oxide (N2O) as well as fluoromethane (HFC) and perfluoromethane (PFC). Most abundantly emitted is CO2. But even though the share of methane and nitrous oxide is smaller, they still have a big impact: methane is 25 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2, and nitrous oxide is 300 times as harmful.

Infografik Life Links Greenhouse gas

Taken together, the burning of three main fossil fuels – coal, natural gases and oil – accounts for 65 percent of greenhouse gas emissions; the remaining 35 percent are mainly derived from livestock and waste emitting methane and cutting down trees for logging or land use. (credit source: dw.com)

To read more detailed information about what is causing #ClimateChange please visit Global Climate Change by DW.

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Experiencing Breathtaking God’s Garden

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

photocredit: @TerrenalJ

photocredit: @TerrenalJ

photocredit: @TerrenalJ

A Glimpse to Natural Beauty, Winter, Gloomy Days and Sunsets!

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

During the First week of February, the Winter Snow has been around us, and it was fabulous, indeed.  It was something that tickles my feet, enjoyed it for the day, then it goes away!

2014 Bellingham Mid-winter snow

In the past week,  the days were gloomy, rainy and frosty.

2014 Bellimgham Gloomy Rainy Winter


This week, the grand display of the Bellingham’s Winter Sunsets appeared on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

2014 Bellingham Sunset1 2014 Bellingham Sunset2

To other Sunset enthusiasts, share us your photos as well… in the many weeks to come from Spring to Fall, there will be more grand display of sunsets in Bellingham! Can’t wait to be sitting at our outdoor deck everyday having cocktails and BBQs while watching the sunset.

It’s been “foggy” and it will continue during the weekend

It’s always interesting to find things to do when it is foggy like this 🙂