Spring Empowers New Climate, Energy, Enthusiasm and Objectivity

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, ▪Competency ▪ Experience ▪ Results

Many if not majority was looking forward to the Spring Season; I have been longing for that change and empowerment. Now it is here, am very grateful and enjoying every moment.

Flowers were budding, trees were showing new life with their new shoots and leaves, grass becomes very green, the freshness of the air, the beauty of the horizon with sunsets, birds come and play in your garden, can see the squirrels jumping or running above fence, trimming and cleaning from the rummage of Winter; and the desire to cultivate, roll up the sleeves and begin gardening.

All of these provide pleasures of living, enjoy the ambiance of nature around us and the anticipation and witnessing the transformation of growth from the vegetable and flowering gardens that we create.


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