Hillary Clinton says “you represent the best of America” “I hope you will get up and get out there and keep fighting”

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, ▪Competency ▪ Experience ▪ Results

The scar of the wound that was created by the 2016 Presidential Election will be healing for a long time. Millions of Americans lost their hopes for a brighter 2017. However, being the real Americans with great intellect and common sense, we have the resilience to rebound, re-adjust our perspectives, create alternatives and keep moving forward for the best possibilities ahead of us. That is who we are and unlike the others.

The article that I am sharing and highlighting below reminds us about the anticipated jubilation toward the end of the election. Such emotions were curtailed by the results of the nastiest tactics of foreign influence and reinforced by the media that practiced yellow journalism.

To read the awesome article of Rebecca Kraus, please click the link below . And yes #Resistance is strong. And growing.

Millions of us are hopeful for 2017. And not just the record-setting 66 million Americans who voted for Hillary. (Seriously, look this up.) (source: huffingtonpost.com)

Thank you, Rebecca Kraus for illustrating the insightful emotions of 66 million Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton. More power to you.


credit: YuriGripas

Hillary Clinton encouraged everyone:

“I hope you will get up and get out there and keep fighting. I never thought this campaign was about one person or even one election. It was about coming together to build that better, stronger, fairer, country that I talked about throughout the campaign that all of you represented. The causes that brought each of you to be such active volunteers are as important as ever. So whether you care about making our economy work for everyone or fighting for comprehensive immigration reform, or criminal justice reform, or protecting women’s rights or protecting LGBT rights, or protecting our planet, or fighting to get commonsense gun safety measures, and I could go on…I hope you will find the people or organization who’s working on something close to your heart and join them. And if you don’t find such a group, then who better than you to start one. Because you really do, in my very strong opinion, represent the best of America.”


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