As an Individual, Do I Really Need To Care?

Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

Across social media, at first glance of numerous tweets illustrate personal irresponsibility. Why do people allow themselves to be an accessory of someone else?

Regardless of our own personal circumstances, we are in the twenty-first century with advanced knowledge and experiences of so many things. Why not moving forward to promote integrity, civility, common sense, respect, and greater love with humanity? The whole world will become more at peace when we do our personal action in this regard.

@_2016 ActionExhibited2Ideology

Today, as we close the month of August 2016, it will be another moment to express our continuous gratitude of your engagements across our social media platforms. We enjoy hearing and learning about valuable insights, tweets and shares. Let’s keep going.

@_2016 2016AppreciativeEngagements

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