Milestones: Year One of #SameSexMarriage as a Constitutional Right, #LGBT Stonewall Monument, 30% Increase of #SameSexMarriages

By Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN and Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Celebrating the #LGBTQ Milestone is essential. Last year, the highest court of the land, US Supreme Court stood up and spoke about the ‘Justice of Humanity’ where #SameSexMarriage was finally acknowledged as Constitutional Right.

On Monday, June 26, 2016, is the First Anniversary when Marriage Equality became a Law in the United States. This Month of June is the #PrideMonth. Parades and numerous activities are being held across the country and around the world in celebration of the #2016LGBTPride.

@_2016 1stAnniMarriageEqualityUSA


@_2016 2016PrideMonth

Recently, President Obama also designated as the First LGBT National Monument The Stonewall National Monument” in New York.

@_2016 1stAmerLGBTMonument

Since the US Supreme Court decided that #SameSexMarriage is a Constitutional Right between two people. A dramatic increase of 30 percent #samesexmarriages from 8 percent in 2012, per survey conducted by Prudential Financial Inc.

@_2016 30percent LGBTMarriages Bloomberg16Jun25

When there were successes, tragedy occurs along the way … the most recent victim of tragedy was the #OrlandoMassacre where 49 members of the LGBTQ community died.

@_2016 2016Hate_KilledLGBTQ

@_2016 2016HateIsNotLGBT_MourningOrlando


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