#Yosemite’s Morning and Evening Grandeur, “An Experience With #CaptivatingMoments”

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

There are moments in a day when you are captivated with the grandeur of nature. Especially when you are visiting the landmark  ‘Yosemite National Park’. Its incredible amenity of landscapes are magnificent to experience particularly when you see the moments like when the sunset kissed Yosemite’s ‘Half Dome’ and the incredible display of Yosemite’s ‘BridalVeil water fall’ which doesn’t happen all the time like the photos below taken by our very own @matt in 1999 and @junteet in 2003 respectively.

Today June 18 2016, US President Obama and his family are vacationing at the Yosemite National Park. For sure they will have great experience like us and others when we visited the park. Please find some of his remarks below the images;

@2016 Evening_YosemiteSunset

@2016 BridalVeil Fall_Morning Yosemite

President Barack Obama said while he and his family are visiting the Yosemite National Park;

photo credit: Eric Paul Zamora ezamora@fresnobee.com

photo credit: Eric Paul Zamora ezamora@fresnobee.com

“As we look back over last 100 years, there is a lot to celebrate. As we look to the next century, the next 100 years, the task to protecting our sacred spaces is even more important.”

Climate change is the biggest challenge. “It is no longer a threat, it is a reality.” Yosemite’s largest glacier, once a mile wide, “now is almost gone.” “the idea that these places that sear themselves in your memory could be lost to history cannot be taken lightly.”

“We must not scrap international treaties just put together to deal with climate change. This planet belongs to all of us. It is the only one we’ve got. We cannot put lip service to that notion.” (sourcecredit: fresnobee.com)


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