“Empower the Next Generation” Said First Lady Michelle Obama

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, ▪Competency ▪ Experience ▪ Results

This clip of a session about “Working Families Summit” that was held in June 2014 is very interesting; got my curiosity and interestingly I learned many things that Mrs. Obama have shared from her experiences in both the corporate life and the importance of family balance.  Everyone,  young couple or parents must view or listen to their conversations regarding family.

One experience she shared that caught my attention has validated the negotiating skills that I normally discuss and coach clients for employment interviewing;  her realistic presentation of herself relating to her current situation when she went to an interview with the University of Chicago Hospital was a demonstration of competency that employer cannot ignore; she got the job!

I have been advocating this approach to clients in the last 20 years and many were successful in getting their value met at the table. Interviewing is an activity of negotiation; not presenting and listening followed by shake hands and then will hear from either party later. If one likes to get ahead in the 21st Century, do like what Mrs. Obama have done. This is an ROI-driven strategy and technique that will balance your competency and commensurate compensation.

Indeed, fascinating to hear of her experiences during the early stages of the Obama family (Barack and Michelle with Malia and Sasha)

“This is who i am, I got a husband who is away; i have two little babies; they are my priorities, if you want me to do the job, you got to pay me to do the job; and you got to give me flexibility; flexibility means that I will work my tail of for you, but you better pay me and value my family” – First Lady Michelle Obama

“Trailblazing can hurt sometime, some of it may not feel so good; you are doing it for men and women who don’t have that voice; and cannot take the risk, so we have to be the one to do it for them” – First Lady Michelle Obama

To learn more about the interesting discussion of Mrs. Obama with Robin Roberts of ABC about empowering the next generation regarding the role of women in the family and workforce, please click on the image below to listen.

FirstLady MichelleObama - Working Family Summit2014

credit: whitehouse.gov


“Today’s Summit explores how, as the demographics of our workforce change, our workplaces can change to support working families, boost businesses’ bottom lines, and ensure America’s global economic competitiveness  in the coming  decades. The Summit will convene businesses, economists, labor leaders, legislators, advocates and the media for a discussion on issues facing the entire spectrum of working families – from low-wage workers to corporate executives, from young parents to baby boomers caring for their aging parents.” (source: whitehouse.gov)

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