Am Sure Those Realities Will Not Lie …

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

“Does it matter if it is Thursday today? or Friday tomorrow? Do you have great plans for the upcoming Sunday, Saint Valentine’s Day? There are always other options to do when you think with pleasure.

The significance of your day and the various activities that you will be engaging are what matters. Because the results will be impactful to others who can appreciate the value of what you will share. And that impact will be remembered with a smile.”


Today, Mr. Juntee Terrenal will be giving insightful ideas during the workshop with the #Millennials at the Western Washington University who will be completing their International Business degree in June 2016. At the workshop, he will be immersing attendees by stimulating their critical thinking with realistic experiential learning scenarios when negotiating for employment; then will be discussing the realities, challenges and strategic options to exploit employment-abilities during the Twenty-First Century.

When you are involved or like to get involved with international businesses; experiencing issues that are hard to solve due to inadequate competency; enriching your business competency would be the best strategy. 

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