The #NakedMankle Will Be Trending – “Would you?”

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

For some, they did not find it attractive to look at the unusual ‘mankles’ trend that got popularized over five years ago.

Recently, the similar concept with a twisted term got re-introduced in London Collections as a #NakedMankle”. Obviously, the ‘fashionistas’ introduce new trends and or re-introduce a trend in the past during every season …  here is one of them!


One writer, Tim Dowling, journalist for the Guardian. He writes a weekly column for Weekend magazine, recently he tested the top five fashion for men that includes “#nakedmankles”, check it out in this link.

You will find more fashion choices in the few weeks to come as we enter another season. Whatever your fashion choices, enjoy them and have fun. The most important about fashion is enjoying the moment. However, do not overspent your money with fashion as it will lead you to become penniless. Oh well!

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