Peace for Paris – An Emblem of Solidarity and Peace Across the World

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

This image surfaced in the tweeter-sphere and instagram at about midnight post the #ParisAttacks; across societies in the world have embraced it immediately as an emblem for sorrow, solidarity and peace. It is now seen across social media platforms internationally.

Thank you to the insightful and artistic mindset of an artist, Jean Jullien @jean_jullien

More Power to you for inspiring the world when tragedies arrive in our doorsteps.

#ParisAttacks #peaceforparis #France #worldsolidarity #solidarityandpeace #peace #jeanjullien

“It’s a message of peace and solidarity. I didn’t do it to benefit from it in any way. It was my way of communicating with the people I know and showing that I was thinking about everyone affected in Paris. The fact that people shared it and used it, well, in a way that’s all for the better. It’s an image for everyone. It’s a communication tool for people to express solidarity and peace and that’s what it’s being used for, so I’m glad that it’s been useful.” said Jean Jullien (source: Meet Jean Jullien)

Let us share to everyone for #solidarityandpeace across the world.

Check out the demonstrated international #solidarity and #support to #France, the World Lights Up with Blue,White and Red. (source: cnn)

Across social media, just search for #ParisAttacks and you will find the tremendous outpourings internationally.


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