Antiquing Style In Leadership Is Not “What Leadership Means Today”

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Internationally, today’s situations are very alarming, confusing and demeaning to read or hear about the news where executives abuse or take advantage of the people whom they work whether employees or clients. Across media platforms, they illustrate cheating, scandals, bad mouthing, ‘screams’ at the top of their voices and greed are omnipresent.

I sat with our multi-culturally experienced leader (Juntee Terrenal) and asked his views about these prevalent behaviors. These are few of what he shared;

Few people take advantage of the people they work with for short term gains for self-serving entitlement.

Many of the so called leaders of today are afraid to get out from their cocoons. They wanted people who work with them to adapt into their personal work styles and practices instead of fostering collaboration, welcoming other concepts, ideas and styles that they were not familiar.

Oftentimes, you see a lot of them portraying ‘lip servicing’; many are short of displaying what they said as who they were; because their insecurities blanketed them; they are living in their own comfort zone with ‘antiquing style’ of leadership.

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There is nothing wrong in using concepts that were practiced successfully in the past decades; it is admirable because you are aware about them, however you need to be innovative in reflecting and integrating these to present landscapes, people and situations.

We are now living in the 21st Century, a digital world, we need to project our leadership perspectives holistically in order to become more relevant to our society.


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