Celebrating Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – UK’s Longest Reigning Monarch

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

“At ReloNavigator, we extend our best wishes, more power, great health always and happiness to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II”

The Queen is Head of State of the UK and 15 other Commonwealth realms. The elder daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, she was born in 1926 and became Queen at the age of 25, and has reigned through more than five decades of enormous social change and development.

The Queen is married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and has four children and eight grandchildren. (reference source: the British Monarchy)

“The service the Queen had given was “truly humbling” – said United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron

“Here is a sovereign who’s first prime minister was Winston Churchill … this is a lady of history” – said Australia’s Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove

The BBC News created a photo magazine of Queen Elizabeth II, 63 years in 63 pictures

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