JumpStart Your Summer 2015, It Has Arrived in America!

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

The first day of Summer 2015 started yesterday! We were in Portland, Oregon and the temperature hit eighty two degrees Fahrenheit. It was great experiencing the sun outside, however it was indeed hot! hot! and hot!

The weather forecast of the upcoming weekend will be anticipated to be another hot hot hot! So, get ready with Summer Escapades!

Do you have plenty of planned activities for Summer? Start planning if you are still procrastinating.

There are plenty of things that can be done and start from your own backyard and then travel to across town, state-lines or even go to another country. However, when you travel to another country, be mindful of checking the current season at target destination; some of them are enjoying their Winter season like Australia for example. 

Our Summer Escapades in ReloNavigator have started. This coming weekend we will be another picnic.

How about you? Share us your escapades! We will feature you in our Newsletter. Feel free to share us your photos, like the one below! Enjoy and have fun …. 


For social media conversations tweet us: @IntlBusinesses, @ReloNavigator; or wanted to learn more about ReloNavigator’s professional services, please call +1 (360) 312-4300 or send your inquiries via email to: info@relonavigator.com.


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