Free In-Transit Visa for Qualifying Chinese & Other AsiaPac Travelers Via Canada to USA

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

“Our government is committed to facilitating legitimate trade and travel, including supporting Canada’s air industry efforts to attract more transit business to the country.

This expansion of the China Transit Program will help generate more business for our airlines and airports, and could potentially lead to the opening of new routes and destinations, which would benefit all travellers, including Canadians.” said, Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister

“YVR’s goal is to connect B.C. proudly to the world by becoming a world-class sustainable connecting hub. This is huge step in the right direction for YVR, British Columbia and Canada. The expansion of the China Transit Program will make YVR more attractive to transiting travellers and ultimately increase YVR’s air service and passenger growth.” said, Craig Richmond, President & CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority.

Today, May, 19, 2015, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced at the Vancouver International Airport the expansion of the China Transit Program (CTP). This program allows eligible Chinese travelers to fly to and transit through Canada visa-free when they are en route to and from the United States. (source: NewsGCCanada)

Relative Facts to this Program:

  • The Canada-China Air Transport Agreement, which was recently updated, has increased air traffic between Canada and China by approximately 14 per cent between 2013 and 2014, to reach close to 1.5 million total one-way passenger trips.
  • China continues to be one of the top source countries for immigrants to Canada and is also a leading source country for international students and visitor visas. In 2014, for example, Canada issued a record 360,923 visas to Chinese citizens.
  • Other key ways Canada is facilitating travel for Chinese citizens includes expedited processing for visitors and business people under such programs as CAN+ and the Business Express Program and more broadly, the 10-year multiple entry visa.
  • In 2014, China was Canada’s second-largest export market, with exports valued at nearly $19.3 billion, up 45.7 per cent over the past five years.

In addition to China; effective June 1, 2015 more Asia Pacific countries can participate in this transiting program via Canada. Countries that will benefit with this will be Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. 

_2015 AsiaPacIn Transit via CanadaVisaFree_USA

Opportunities for Canada, China, United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines:

  • Qualifying  travelers will get a free in-transit visa when passing through Canada to their destination in the United States or return trip to specific country of origin.
  • Canada will benefit economically as a result of incurred expenses by the transiting passenger at the YVR’s Vancouver International Airport such expenses like foods, beverages, airport shopping, fares or even accommodation.
  • United States will benefit of  Canada’s direct route from Asia Pacific countries identified; arriving at Vancouver International Airport then continue to United States of America.
  • Economically, all parties will benefit of this expansion of the transiting program through Canada.

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About Juntee Terrenal, GMS:

Mr. Terrenal is your partner in becoming the “High Performing Organization” of 2015 and beyond; strategic international business leader, adviser & coach, competent, human capital and resources management. Creates initiatives combined with business acumen and ROI integrating complex human capital and resources that clients seek, globally. With 20+ years of experience he brings many time and money-saving solutions to your complex business issues and problems particularly when operating internationally. Negotiator, communicator, proven track record in accelerating productivity, organizational effectiveness, talent management, service quality. Quoted in numerous international media outlets.

As an experienced global mobility management specialist, human capital management executive and management consultant, he and his team create solutions, converting client’s needs into actions, resolving their challenges. Mr. Terrenal and his global team have successfully assisted, implemented and accelerated businesses and personal successes of their corporate and individual clients by using their ROI-driven techniques in over 40 countries.


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  1. A very interesting economic diversion among all participating countries that will benefit on this initiative.


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