Insightful Canadian Immigration – Plan Ahead

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Internationally, Canada is one of the attractions for employment because of their innovative and practical approaches in providing more efficient vehicles that will benefit employers and candidates for jobs alike. The Canadian government invest on realistic strategies that will facilitate faster opportunities to bring and welcome new immigrants.

“They recognize the value of the immigrant’s contribution to Canadian economy; across industries and enhancing competitiveness among employers. A mutual understanding of worker and employer economics that will impact the nation as a whole.” – said, Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Founder & Principal, ReloNavigatorTM; Chair, IBBAsSM (International Businesses BoardSM)

CAN Express Entry

Our Vancouver-based teams led by Dr. Alex Titov and our US-based teams led by Juntee Terrenal, GMS; consult with our clients in understanding immigration benefits and options; all options that relate to employment opportunities, business expansion, housing needs, relocation, and the extent of settling which include culture, living amenities, opportunities of spouses, specific needs of family and lifestyles in Canada.

CAN ExpressEntry LMIA

Options to gain Permanent Residency for those who like to live permanently in Canada is also available. Our strategic team members will guide both employers and their workforce to comply with all regulations required; by doing these there will be no issues that may inflict residency in the future.

Businesses that would like to hire foreign-based, educated and technically qualified are provided with strategic initiatives that will advance their business growth internationally; and by adding international talents that will augment their locally grown talents. They too can expand internationally, and they will get equally beneficial insights, guidance and assistance to become successful.

Every employer however is different. Every candidate is also different. ReloNavigator’s team members make the strategic connection; every team member demonstrates international businesses and cross culture competency.

Cross Culture Competency

For individuals who are based-abroad, who is looking of an opportunity of getting employed in Canada? After researching prospective employers; it will be a wise option to discuss your plans and opportunities beyond your qualifications. Think strategically before your engage with a Canadian-based recruiter. Learn more about many aspects of living that are available. These will make your options become more attractive and will be able to leverage better negotiation with the prospective employer-of-interest.

By investing a little time and effort before hand, you will make better decisions, create better negotiation techniques that will help you become successful in Canada and or internationally.


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  1. Viva Canada!


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