Plant a tree: Around the World is experiencing Climate Changes and Mother Earth Needs Love

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Have you experienced the recent climate changes within your surroundings? What’s happening with Mother Earth? During the 2015 Earth Day, perhaps you participate by planting a tree or do something worthy for the environment. Mother Earth will be pleased with your efforts. 

A question must be;

“How will you participate as an individual, organization, group or community in slowing the current international changes of our climate?”


“It’s time to be more realistic, have your senses help you to a learning experience and participate in helping mother earth survive – be green!. Become an agent in slowing climate change. Take a one step forward in observing various environmental and seasonal phenomena that have shifted internationally. Within the United States alone, many weather phenomena have been reported across local and national newspapers, social media also helped in presenting realities of events with others; what can you do?”; said Juntee Terrenal, Chair, IBBAsSM (International Businesses BoardSM); Founder and Principal, ReloNavigatorTM

Apple reported ,We don’t want to debate climate change. We want to stop it

Just two days ago, the video of “benmillington18” documented what was happening in Dungong, New South Wales, Australia;

House floating on Dungog River, NSW – video credit: benmillington18

Washington Post reported, Breaking snowball record in Boston last February 2015

Scientists of Global Climate Change provide research and updates that pertains to factors that are influencing climate changes;

“If we can verify the methane detected by the satellite and identify its sources, decision-makers will have critical information for any actions they are considering,” said CIRES scientist Gabrielle Pétron, one of the mission’s investigators. Part of President Obama’s recent Climate Action Plan calls for reductions in methane emissions.

In northern Philippines, a sinking village in Caba, La Union was reported recently by Manila Bulletin; please click on the photo to get the full story.

Credits: Erwin G. Beleo, Manila Bulletin

Credits: Erwin G. Beleo, Manila Bulletin


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