Become the Islands of Mercy – Pope Francis

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Many Christians around the world, pause from heavy workloads during the Lenten Season which began from Ash Wednesday and ends with celebrations on Easter Sunday or Monday in some countries!

In a recent Palm Sunday Message of Pope Francis, he asked Catholic faithfuls “to become the islands of mercy” for among people.

During the Lent, Christians observe a period of fasting, moderation and spiritual discipline; being reflective on Jesus Christ’s passion of the cross through resurrection.

Pope Francis washes the feet of prisoners during Maundy Thursday.

Pope Francis Maundy Thurs Prisoners

He knelt before the six male and six female inmates, poured water over each prisoner’s right foot, dried it with a cloth and kissed it. One of the inmates, an African woman with tears in her eyes, held her child on her lap and the pope washed the child’s foot. (credit source:

Lenten Message to Everyone Across the Globe:

“Let us acknowledge and reflect about the humiliation that Jesus Christ embraced during his passion of the Cross; and let that humility live in our hearts as we extend goodwill among our fellow men.”

Credit: Theophanes_the_Cretan

Credit: Theophanes_the_Cretan


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