Spring Time is Coming, Pre-Listing Tips for Home Seller’s Advantage

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

During the month of February, many home owners are contemplating of preparing their home for sale for various reasons whether personal or business.  When Spring Season is approaching, it is always a good technique to begin evaluating who you can call to do business with. However, before calling a real estate professional with an intent to achieve the highest possible value of your property please consider the tips below. By not doing these, your property may not sell to your advantage. Instead, you will experience the various stages of lowering the price, a Realtor trick in selling your property for their advantage.

Pre-listing Tips for Considerations of Home Sellers:

1. Clean your home with unnecessary garbage and dispose them, not piling up in your garage such as unwanted paints, etc.

2. Invest with a neutral paint for those personally-influenced taste-of-colors that may not be appealing to non-adventurous home shoppers

3. Create a curb appeal that will attract home buyers, especially when your home is in an ideal zip code, meaning low crime neighborhood

4. Invest on newer appliances that will magnet interest of home buyers

5. Demonstrate some economics in sustaining and maintaining your home for the benefit of economically-driven home buyers

6. Invest on fixing some essential features of your home, these will attract your buyer to sign their offer. Covering with faux appearance will not sell your home. There are smart home buyers that are familiar with these incognito tricks of “Used Houses Salesman”.

7. Interview candidates who will represent your home, inquire about the ROIs of their listing; how many inventory of listing that they have not sold (you can research this if they don’t tell you); ask why a home owner they represented changed to a new Realtor after not selling under their listing. Work only with Professional Realtor who will advocate your personal and business goals, instead of working with a “Used Houses Salesman”

When you decide to list your home, here is a go-getter, one experienced cross-border real estate NAFTA professional who will work with you in achieving your goals.

Fabian Saul_FerndaleRecord

“I work with all types of homes and at any location” – said Fabian Saul

Fabian speaks Spanish, French, Italian, German and English. When any of these linguistic proficiency is in your personality, consider chatting with Fabian. He will be privileged to discuss and answer all your questions that pertains to achieving your business or personal real estate goals.

Regardless of your location, whether you live in British Columbia province of Canada and would like to relocate to Washington State of USA, buy a real estate here; Mr. Saul will be happy to answer your concerns. He will be glad to walk you through many information that will make you feel comfortable in working with him.

The January 29th Issue of the Ferndale Record, Saul was quoted;

“I’m not a pushy salesman,” Saul said. “If it’s a long process, that’s fine.”

Saul said he replaces pushy tactics with pure dedication to clients.

“I provide as much information about everything as possible. My motto is ‘disclose, disclose, disclose.’ By the time I’m done, they might as well be the Realtor themselves, they know so much,” Saul said.

In the January 2015 Issue of  “Life at Home Magazine”, it featured at its center fold the stately luxury home that he is professionally representing in Elgin, British Columbia. The neighborhood with particular prestige.


Credit: Fabian Saul, Broker, SRES

“Terrenal said he appreciates the unique perspective that Saul brings to his practice, which is born out of his broad range of life and cultural experience. Never is that experience more on display than in Saul’s other linguistic skills: He is also fluent in Italian, German and French.” source: Ferndale Record

As always, we like to hear from you. Send us your questions, or share us your thoughts at the provided comments area below.  We will reply to you at the earliest possible time.  Thank you for your time and will appreciate sharing this page to your friends who may be looking to sell or buy their home this coming Spring 2015 or at any time.


4 responses

  1. Thanks for the info, it’s easy to understand.


    1. Your comments are appreciated. Please visit us again soon.


  2. Many formerly home owners made mistakes and risked losing hundreds of $$$ when they didn’t prepare strategically the sale of their homes; notwithstanding of ‘real professional’ who will advocate for their goals.


    1. Sharing us your ideas always help our audience to learn more about other’s experiences.


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