Empowered Authentic Self Creates Results and Successes Internationally

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

Oftentimes, demonstrating an authentic self is a challenge to many individuals. It requires pausing and thinking in order to effectively respond to an inquiry about one’s authentic self. Many are very gullible but will be short of authenticity; the flaws are evident during the flow of interaction particularly when you are an active listener.

Creating real illustration that will project credible image beyond the usual events is by establishing an authentic self and relationship; about who you are, your capabilities, demonstrating your competency, your business and your organization or team, sharing your knowledge through real conversations beyond hand-shakes and exchange of business cards, including your networking abilities.

There are plenty of creative ways in showing your authentic self through that will package your professional expertise. Real self-empowerment transcribe opportunities at your disposal, however hard works, time and efforts are your investments.

Gaining results through networking require unselfish willingness to invest on your time; establishing authentic international relationships that are mutually beneficial is by discussing business, perspectives and scenarios of possibilities with others; at a given day at your own time and pace; then you will create a circle of genuine network of contacts.

Professionally speaking, an empowering experience is by having  a handful genuine network of internationally experienced professionals around me who can demonstrate real business; than having thousands of business cards in my drawers and database without authentic relationship that results to an ROI-driven activities.

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