Expanding Across the US / Canadian Border in 2015

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

Winning is your best intention when you plan of expanding at new location. However, it is not as simple as bringing your luggage or drive through the border and register your intended entity, then begin operating and spending your money left and right for publicity and other things.

To become successful, seek the guidance of experts who can give you well intended insights that will support your success. Establish a relationship with people that are trustworthy and lead you to success, not spending time with others that will drain your money. Think critically and be strategically positioned to achieve best results.



It is worthwhile your gas and mileage when you learn your options. ReloNavigator teams will be glad to give you guidance. Check the services that they provide and choose what you think is feasible based on you business needs. Then speak with one of their Specialist who is internationally experienced.

Multiculturally experienced with respect to clients,  speak various languages that transcend understanding of client backgrounds and needs, sensitivity to cross culture, communicate effectively means returning calls immediately, listen and discuss issues outright to resolve them at their best, demonstrate ethical practices in both business and personal living. These are the qualities that will help you become successful.

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