48M Turkey Consumed in America at Thanksgiving Day

By Paul A. Soley, CRP, GMS, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Curzon Real Estate LLC (New York) & James Moss, FRICS, MCIArb, Managing Director, Curzon Property Consultants (London)

[This article first appeared at News from Curzon Real Estate LLC, New York City – Thanksgiving Edition, dated November 26, 2014 and is being re-published here at ReloNavigator with permission by James Moss.]

curzon thanksgiving 2014

He therefore called it ‘tuka’ which is ‘peacock’ in Tamil, and Indian language.

The Native American name for turkey is ‘firkee’; some say this is how turkeys got their name. Simple facts, however, sometimes produce the best answers-when a turkey is scared, it makes a “turk, turk, turk” noise.

10 Turkey Facts You May Not Know

  1. At one time, the turkey and the bald eagle were each considered as the national symbol of America. Benjamin Franklin was one of those who argues passionately on behalf of the turkey. Franklin felt the turkey, although “vain and silly”, was a better choice than the bald eagle, whom he felt was “a coward”
  2. American per capital consumption of turkeys has soared from 8.3 pounds in 1975 to 18.5 pounds in 1997 and has remained stable at about 16 pounds since 2011.
  3. Turkeys are fed a diet of mainly corn and soybean meal along with a supplement of vitamins and minerals. They grow to full maturity in about 4 to 5 months, depending on the desired market weight.

Please click on the link to read more facts about the Turkey that you may not have known;

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