Thank You, Celebrating Thanksgiving Day with Families and Friends

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the last Thursday of November.

While we are celebrating this year’s 2014 Thanksgiving Holiday;

Our entire teams in ReloNavigatorTM and International Businesses BoardSM (IBBAsSM); extend our thanks to everyone who in one way or another given us the chance and opportunity of assisting them; have extended their arms to embrace us as we are and be a part of their community; have given us their unselfish support; and made us welcomed as one among their friends, colleagues, business partners, social media friends and network.

Thank You is just a word, however, the relationship that we have begun will continue to prosper for greater heights and more successes in the years to come.


Many travel from far away places to join their families and friends for a re-union and enjoy foods, wines and desserts plus of course the updates and pleasantries. The turkey is the usual center piece of the occasion.

2003 Happy Thanksgiving

Credits: 03JNTCArticles

It is a Public Holiday in the United States that is followed by the Black Friday; where shopping extravaganza begins.

credit: vikingpaulblogspotdotcom


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