Australian Investor’s Premium Visa in Summer 2015

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

A new Australian Permanent Residency “Premium Investor Visa” will become available in Summer 2015; to qualifying investors from other countries per the announcement of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Aus Investor Visa

Premium Requirements:

  • Minimum of $15 Million AUS
  • Successfully complete and submit all required documentation

Benefit to Investor:

  • Conduct business in Australia
  • Australian Permanent Residence after 12 months

This new visa will be in addition to the existing $5 Million AUS or more under the “Significant Investor Visa Program (SIV)”. As of November 17th 2014, Australia has granted the 500th investor since the program started in 2012.


Investors from across the world have many choices; particularly those who has ambitions of residing permanently to a particular country like Australia, Canada, United States and United Kingdom et al

2014 International Investor

It is only a matter of understanding all requirements by every investor. For those that will be strategic in regards to successful compliance of all documentations that needed, one must seek the guidance of experienced professionals. Investors visas are complex yet rewarding when the visa will be successfully issued to the applicant.


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