Launched International Businesses Board (IBBAs) Group in Facebook

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

The next time you will be on Facebook, join us at our International Businesses Board of AdvisorsSM aka International Businesses Board (IBBAs SM) Group! It will be fun to see you and be a part of our FB social community. Please click on the image below to join or click on this link.

Int'l BusBoard_Adv

To learn more about us and why we exist, please click on this link International Businesses Board of AdvisorsSM, you are encourage to join us.

Int'l BusBoard1

The First International Networking event will be held in November 5th. Please join us if you have interest about international business. RSVP is required.  Information about the event is found on the image below;

Barkley Int'l Networking Nov5

For your convenience to RSVP, please send to: Thank you.


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