Become Active with IBBAs, in Bridging Competency and Business Needs Internationally

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

IBBAs BeMember

This is a unique community of  internationally experienced professionals; bridging the needs of international businesses across spectrum during the growing stages of organizations regardless of size and international location;

Many business owners, leaders and their representative struggle in finding the right professional as a resource; who can help in solving the challenges of their business at its different facets of growth;

Our Business Philosophical Goals:

  1. Experience the competency  of others which will influence sense of responsibility and collaborative partnership
  2. Accelerate confidence in making strategic decisions that results to success; strengthen competency
  3. Create alternative directions and option to achieve returns of invested time and efforts
  4. Share challenges during meetings and have peers become the resource partner in resolving them successfully
  5. Become the main strategic resource of international businesses that are needing guidance in achieving higher results / ROI (Return On Investment)
  6. Relevance of professionalism when communicating, with ethics, sensitivity and responsibility

EPTN (Established Profl & Trusted NW)The active members of International Businesses Board (IBBAsSM) play an impactful role because of their international expertise in various industries across continents.

Members have been pre-screened and have satisfied the criteria required by “Established Professionals & Trusted NetworkSM (EPTN)”;  that demonstrate professionalism, ethical responsibility, capability in addressing particular business need(s), sensitivity to culture and communicative competence. Once qualified, one is bestowed with the seal of “EPTNSM; the seal signifies authenticity of business practice and as a professional with integrity. Provisional membership will begin upon participation of any event that is hosted by ReloNavigator or by its Principals, or any other events where ReloNavigator plays a role in achieving certain level of business objectives. Members however may lost their affiliation when there is a manifested behavioral issues in sustaining our business philosophical goals.

Would you consider being a part of an active and vibrant organization with emphasis on international business practices and endeavors? We like to hear from you.

  • If you have an international experience between two or more countries; and would like to become an integral part of this vibrant international businesses community of experienced professionals; where you can learn, explore possibilities, enhance your current business practice, structure or find solutions of your challenges; tapping the expertise of fellow members; join IBBAsSM (International Businesses Board of AdvisorsSM ) aka (IBBAsSM) or International Businesses BoardSM (IBBAsSM)  @IntlBusinesses 

Basic Participants Background:

  • Individuals with international experience (at least between two countries)
  • Individuals with interest in exploring international business
  • Individuals with leadership roles
  • Team Managers
  • Independent Business Owners / Managers
  • Self-employed such as Professionals in Real Estate, Finance, Accounting, Legal, Professional Consulting etc.
  • Other professionals in various industries who are conducting international businesses
  • Others who are looking of expanding their current business practices towards international environments

IBBAsSM (International Businesses Board of AdvisorsSM ) aka (IBBAsSM) or International Businesses BoardSM (IBBAsSM)  @IntlBusinesses  is found at various social media platforms, just search it with your favorite search engine. For inquiries about participating, please email your interest to: or call 1 (360) 312-4300 or send a tweet @Intlbusinesses or @relonavigator


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