Eat Responsibly: Healthy Foods for Healthy Body & Mind

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

We were passing by a grocer in a nearby mall, picked up one of their free leaflets. While browsing it, there was quite an interesting collection of healthy foods that contained nutrients that our body needs and protect us from the epidemic cancers during the 21st Century.

Sharing them to you will be the least inspiration with some insights on what are healthier vegetables and fruits around you. In the work environment, we advocate healthy living because we value people in the workforce.


Credits: OnePhilippines/JulEdition2014, ReloNavigator


Credits: OnePhilippines/JulEdition2014, ReloNavigator

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5 responses

    1. Your efforts in featuring us in your platform is appreciated very much. Thank you, Health Food Weightloss Tips.


  1. Nixonphoto –, Thank you for your like!


  2. IdeasN_Articles | Reply

    It is mind boggling to see many people are just eating lots and lots of processed foods instead of taking extra time in cooking healthier vegetables and fruits for the benefit of better health.


    1. Somehow, we just need to learn ways in preserving our good health. Thank you for your insights.


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