Give them the Distinction as People and Leaders with Critical and Strategic Thinking

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

People are assets and they play various roles within organizations, regardless of their function. A collaborative effort between management and HR department is essential in order to move forward in meeting the demands of current workforce environment. When all institutions regardless of their specialty will synchronize and develop similar vision; create the strategic competency among professionals, we will have lesser employee issues, disputes, disagreements, disgruntled individuals due to perceived treatments. We also eliminate many bad HR practitioners and management business practices within organizations because we have educated organizational leaders and employees. Let’s create responsible people who are real Leaders. Give them the distinction as people with critical and strategic thinking, relevant in today’s challenging and evolving environments.

Int'l HCM

I have known and met Susan many times when she was the CEO of SHRM and I was an active Regional Membership Leader. She is one of those HR Leaders who can relate to the expectations of many businesses. She brought HR profession to a higher level and encouraged critical and strategic thinking. However, when she retired from the Society, these focuses were not given more emphasis. I may be wrong but that is my perception based on professional observations.

SusanMeisinger106x106 Susan’s article “HR’s Perception Problem by Susan R. Meisinger” identified many areas that emphasize  HR’s responsibility along with the impact they made towards workforce.

I am in agreement to Susan’s suggestions that “let’s focus on what we can change, and ignore the noise  from those who are complaining because they had a bad HR experience or know someone who did”.  (source:

Majority of us who are extensively  engaged with the HR Department understand that training is an essential part of the spectrum. In that way, all business aspects influenced by HR will be driven freely towards every business objectives, particularly clarity of communication with employees on areas that concern them most. Today, there are very few HRs that really influence and aligned with all business aspects of organization.  Research identified the ‘business acumen among HR professionals’ as one important yet missing competency that today’s globalized work environments need.

global competency

This is one area that the HR professionals must accelerate their learning. Cope up with the demands of industries needing their business acumen skills that relate to global business needs and direction. In that way, they understand their people, and can sit among other executives to help drive towards better yet High Performance Organization (HPO) in the fast pacing globalized work environment.

Recently, SHRM announced their own internal certification, with intended focus on responding to industry needs. Their effectiveness remains to be seen, whether those who will buy such certifications will actually demonstrate the required “business acumen competency” that are needed. Over 4 years ago, I have written the competency development in one of my articles as required to address the evolving workforce environment.

My observations showed, many certifications are sometimes inadequate of their contents because the developers were not allowing an immediate integration of current practices and current phenomena as case studies during the course of the learning process. A predicament that many inexperienced professionals whom I met, coached and guided after obtaining their SPHRs – they were unable to relate with employees, foreign workforce, cross-culture, people and business international issues, and many other current issues; as their certification content did not touch strategic options in solving and handling global prevalent scenarios in the current environments. Today, HRs are not only curating employee’s interpersonal and cultural needs, benefits and organizational charts, “they are expected to know real business issues and participate in solving them across cultures and continents”.

Susan’s article also indicated Manager’s weaknesses reverts to HRs. Management is another side of the coin where HR can make big influence. Yet, looking at bigger perspectives, effective people managers must be mentored and developed professionally by HR and senior executives to demonstrate competent leadership and not as project / task manager. Today’s workforce environments, there are very few industries that mentor their skilled talents to become leaders. This is one aspect of organizational dysfunction of which the Human Resource function was expected to develop such competency but short. Another area to be changed that are creating issues.

Indeed, only when people are treated as people, received accolades of their strengths, mentored to increase needed competency based on their deficiency, their results are phenomenal and sustainable, ROIs  will lead to high performing organization.

About Juntee Terrenal, GMS:

Mr. Terrenal is your partner in becoming the “High Performing Organization” of 2014 and beyond; strategic international business Leader, adviser & coach, competent, human capital and resources management. Creates initiatives combined with business acumen and ROI integrating complex human capital and resources that clients seek, globally. With 20+ years of experience he brings many time and money-saving solutions to your complex business issues and problems particularly when operating internationally. Negotiator, communicator, proven track record in accelerating productivity, organizational effectiveness, talent management, service quality. Quoted to numerous international media outlets.

As an experienced global mobility management specialist, human capital management executive and management consultant, he and his team create solutions, converting client’s needs into actions, resolving their challenges. Mr. Terrenal and his global team have successfully assisted, implemented and accelerated businesses and personal successes of their corporate and individual clients by using their ROI-driven techniques in over 40 countries.


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    Individuals that respect and acknowledge talents and creativity of others are people who can demonstrate people management potentials and skills. Others who don’t will never be a great people manager or executive.


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