Here You Go, “Jay’s WSM Quencher” – the Summer Cocktail

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS

When I meet my business colleagues and friends, who knew that I love and make my own cocktails. They asked me about the latest or they tell friends that I make cocktails, particularly on Friday evenings.  Yes, I love my cocktails to unwind and relax.

In the past couple of weeks, Summer started to be enduring with heat. My inquisitive mind began examining what summer fruits that can be used for excellent cocktails. Was at my local farmer’s market in James Street, saw a reasonably priced big watermelon at $3.00, and yes it is red!

I always experiment in terms of mixes of various liqueurs and spirits to achieve a decadent flavor and oomph! It’s not a great cocktail without a kick!  The result came out excellent after i have it tested by my cocktail friends. It is now a 2014 Summer Favorite!

Here you go  my friends, and cheers to: , @PattiRowlson, @Jakeswg, @soundslikepuget, @blghamexplorer@Bellinghomes and all. Enjoy! Let me know what you think.

Cocktail WSM Quencher


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  1. EnjoyingBellingham | Reply

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    Great Summer Cocktails, thanks for sharing! More Mixing Jay!


  2. IdeasN_Articles | Reply

    Reblogged this on IdeasN_Articles and commented:
    Now we are talking! This should be every Summer must be celebrated! Will definitely try this .. very simple!


    1. Well, Summer is around us and we enjoy every minute of it. Jay’s WSM Quencher has been the preferred drinks during cocktails parties and get together. Thank You to Jay, indeed.


  3. EnjoyingBellingham | Reply

    Have tasted various and great watermelon cocktails, will try this one too! Just right for this Summer!


    1. Please let us know how you’d like it.


  4. This sounds like a great drink! Will try it.


    1. Am sure you will enjoy!


  5. Thank You. Bellingham Explorer @blghamexplorer said; “How creative and refreshing for the summer” –


  6. storytime with john, thank you for your likes.


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