2014 Bellingham Pride Celebrates Equality and Inclusion

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

The weekend of July 12 and 13, 2014, Bellingham 2014 Pride Celebration will take place, this is the 6th year of the festival.

“The entire team of ReloNavigator wish everyone with fun-filled celebrations among friends, colleagues and family members. Be Safe Always!. ReloNavigator supports equal opportunity to all”

Bellingham Pride 2014

The schedule of many events and festivities during the weekend can be found at the Bellingham Pride 2014 Website.

According to ‘drinks business’ the Top 10 Gay Favorite drinks! However, these observations were based from certain American city where any of these drinks were ordered, which means neither of this may not be true in your own community.

10. Margarita 9. Pomegranate Martini 8. Mojito 7. Égalité 6. Dirty Martini 5.  Appletini  4.  Purple Hand Beer 3.  Rose Wine 2. Manhattan 1. the Cosmopolitan

On another thought!  Just wonder if what are the top 10 LGBT Favorites in Bellingham.

On Sunday, July 13 will be the Pride Parade which will commence at the intersection of Cornwall and Ohio streets; and it will end at the Depot Market square. We will be cheering all the parade participants. It will be fun like last year.

More power and successes to the LGBTQQI2A  community of Bellingham. ReloNavigator will be glad to assist any member of the Pride community where our competency can be a resource.


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  1. EnjoyingBellingham | Reply

    Happy 2014 Bellingham Pride to All!


    1. Thank You.


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