Relevance of a Good Client; What Makes Sense! Results to Strategic Success – Discussed at Connections

By: Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

The Connections Group of business owners and their representatives; based in Bellingham, WA met on May 1, 2014 for their regular weekly meeting.  Juntee Terrenal, the Founder & Principal of ReloNavigator offered his insights about the “Relevance of a Good Client – What makes sense!, Results to Strategic Success”

Connections Speaking Relevance of Good Client

As an industry experienced professional, Juntee shared his perspectives that a good client must have the ability to equate the cost and value of expected output with quality and efficiency. Additionally, a great client is someone that will appreciate your value as a business partner resource to their organization. It is a fact, that when clients like effective, strategically positioned results with R.O.I. (Return On Investments), there is a value that leverages certain level of results.

At ReloNavigator, our clients understand the value of our services because at the very outset of relationship, they understand the scope, strategies that will take place and support that they will get from us.  Whether the client’s business will move from Africa to Japan, Australia to Chile, or Germany to United States or within North America between Canada and United States.  We provide the best techniques that will make them happy from Offer Letters, pre-during-post transition up to cultural adaptability and support at their destination.

“We are not only an international relocations company, however we are a Strategic Advisers and Management Services Firm; solving the many complex hurdles of international businesses; structuring, immigration, relocation, culture adaptability, and destination settling-in support;” said Juntee Terrenal

Dr. Swiecicki, who owns Lynden Vision Clinic & Spyglass Optik in Bellingham; inquired about an example of most expensive relocation; “When an executive will be moving, the hiring manager and human resources professionals must understand the most critical pieces of their new hire and not only extending an offer letter and be accepted by both parties.  Learning what will be precious and relevant to new hire’s move including pets like horse are essential. These types of unknown parts of family lifestyles will dramatically increase the budget due to unforseen delays and unknown requirements and compliance between countries and international regulations of transporting an animal.”

Curt, who owns Bayside USA asked the relevance of the service to fortune 500 companies as they have relocation departments, “yes, it is relevant; our experiences in various sizes of organizations from start up to 30,000 employees showed that while there are existing relocation departments and coordinators in house, they don’t have enough bandwidth and experiences in managing international hires of expatriates between two or more countries. ReloNavigator has the competency and experiences.  Oftentimes, there is a misguided knowledge that anyone who is an accountant that performs business tax of internationally-based companies can also do the unique ‘expatriate taxation requirements between origin country and host country’.  ReloNavigator’s experiences showed that multi-countries experienced expatriate tax services firms can do the job required.  This include immigration attorneys, they too have their own country focus of experiences.  As a company we have been managing  strategically all of these facets of international movements of organizations and their employees.



For questions about the international services of ReloNavigator, or inquiries about how ReloNavigator can assist you please call 1 (360) 31-4300.  We will be happy to listen and give you our guidance.


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  2. EnjoyingBellingham | Reply

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    More Power to Juntee Terrenal and his organization.


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    Great to hear insights of someone who is experienced in the international business landscape! These professionals have the depth of knowledge in areas that ordinary employee / manager of organizations possess.


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    “great client is someone that will appreciate your value to their organization” This is a 100 percent true! I always look at the value of someone’s expertise when I engage for any specific activity. This is because their expertise augments my organization’s competency. More Power to ReloNavigator.


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