Cat’s Summer Relaxation — Scotland&Me

Lord Toby, the Baron of Kelso enjoys relaxing as well during Summer days!

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Rethink Your Waste — Think Sustainability

In the last home game of the normal AFL season, the West Coast Eagles ran their ‘Rethink Your Waste’ campaign. The campaign aimed to keep the stadium cleaner after games and increase public awareness of recycling, encouraging people to not only recycle better in the stadium but to also do more in their daily lives. Large […]

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An August wildlife update — Ramblin’ through Dave’s Garden

If Tiger swallowtails are a bit scarce in this year’s garden, hummingbirds are not, though typically only one is seen at a time, so taking a count is difficult. A tropical Firecracker plant (Cuphea) in a pot on the deck just outside the kitchen window is a hummingbird magnet, but I often see hummingbirds on […]

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The Bench at LT’s Garden — Scotland&Me — Enjoying TheMoments

Creating such a magnificent landscape like this one employed a deep and creative thinking from start to its colorful results. The combination of plants, foliage and flowers are so pretty. I can sit on that bench all day to appreciate my sorroundings. Lord Toby enjoys looking at the garden where wildlife like birds, butterflies and […]

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Recycling Your Old Clothes? Here is A Quick Guide shared by Into The Eco

Indeed, a great idea to recycle old clothes. Spring then Summer then other seasons will come around. We find older clothes that we have not worn for a long time. So why using your space occupied by them – recycling them will open up your space.

Here are Ten Tip from Into The Eco (there is link of the website at the bottom of this article).

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Hey me again, here to tell you about the humdrum subject of what the best things to do with our old unwanted clothes. Until earlier this year I was not sure what the best advice to give was on the topic. I always wondered what happened to our old clothes after we put them in the recycling bins.

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